Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When we were in Ark City Kansas

March 19 2007
What we are doing now for the Lord.
We are currently in Arkansas City Kansas. My husband is the Associate Pastor of Hillcrest Bible Baptist Church, We both work in the Christian School.I currently teach 3rd and 4th grade, My husband teaches High School and is the Principle of the School.God has been good to me. I spent so many years worrying about my children whether they would serve God. Worrying about what I have done wrong, what I will do wrong. I wasted so much time looking back and looking forward. Not looking at where they were right then. One day it dawned on me, I better live each day like it is my last day to teach them what I can about my blessed Saviour. I began praying that God would put it within the hearts of my children to serve him....Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it. It has to be the Lord that puts that desire in their heart.My oldest son just recently left for college, What a blessing it is to see your children walk in truth. He is in Heartland Bible Baptist College, He is studing to be a youth Pastor. I am here to tell you, I Praise the Lord for his goodness. God is so faithful. Corey is serving the Lord today because God saved him and put the desire in his heart to serve Him. I don't ever want to take any Glory away from my blessed Saviour. Each one of my children are currently saved and serving the Lord, I thank God for that. They each seem to have a walk of their own with the Lord. I see God working in each of theirs lives.....I am saying all of this to say this one thing. We have to do our best to serve God,,,,but you cannot make your children serve the Lord. You have to teach them to let the Lord be their Lord. We struggle and push and pull trying to shove it into them. You cannot make them have a pure heart. Only God can do that. When you come to that spot and realize that, You can rest in the Lord. Because his promises are true and he cannot lie....

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