Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I am a mother of five children. I always wanted a big family (7 to be exact) but when number 5 came along I knew I was done.
I had a peace in my heart that my duties at replenishing the earth had been fulfilled.
Each time I gave birth it was a A Ha moment for me. I loved the moment my babies were born. I also knew what a huge responsibility it was for me as a mother to raise my children the way God intended me to raise them.
My two oldest ones are pretty much on their own now and another huge day for me was the day they walked away from our home and still chose to live the life they were raised to live.
Each child has their own will and they have to make choices for themselves, It is truly an honor when they walk away and believe enough in what they been taught to carry it on.
I have three left at home and I continue to strive to raise them and teach them to be law abiding, Christ honoring, and respectful young adults.
I hope they choose to follow what they are being taught also and I count it a huge privilege to be called their mother.

Happy Mother’s day to each and every mother.
Our job is a huge responsibility that God has given us and I count it a privilege!