Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Family

My name is Becky and I have been married to Mike for twenty one years.
We have five children, Corey, Zac, Sarah, Seth and Jordan.
We are in the ministry. My husband is the Pastor of a church in Goodland Ks.
My children are awesome. Corey is going to college in the fall 2007,
Zac is a Sophmore in High school, Sarah is in the eighth grade, Seth is in the sixth grade and Jordan is in the Fourth Grade.
They make me proud of them. They are not the typical preachers kids.
They really seem to want to serve the Lord. I thank God for that and Give him all the Glory. It is not anything I have done, except Pray and ask God to put it in their hearts to want to serve him.

I will post more when I have more time.
Have a great day.