Friday, May 4, 2012

Obedient, Are You?

Have your children ever done something you told them not to do? Of course,right? What are the reactions of that child around you when it has knowingly disobeyed you? It seems to get quiet, it seems to become distant, it seems to find pleasure in other things besides your relationship. I have recently experienced this very thing in my walk with my heavenly father. I have felt very distant, my Bible reading had become dull, my prayers seem to hit the ceiling and come straight down and hit me on top the head. Every time I would hear preaching, no matter the subject it would seem that the Holy Spirit would put his finger on this thing I was choosing to hold on to, knowing the Lord said DO NOT DO THAT! Just like we as parents do not put out vague requests for obedience to our children (at least we shouldn't) Our father in Heaven does not put out vague requests to us either. When we have the Holy Spirit living within our hearts He makes it very clear what he expects from his children. When we chose to ignore what the Lord has put his finger on in our lives is the very moment we break that fellowship with the Lord and we begin loosing battles in our lives. This week I finally surrendered the white flag and have taken a step toward obedience. What a breath of fresh air. I have felt the Lord closer to me this week and his presence is so sweet, I have even seen answers to prayers. Why do we hold so tightly to things we know the Lord is asking us to give up? I have tried to justify this thing from every angle as to continue on in disobedience. Like I know better than God? I think not! The minute we chose to stop obeying the voice of the Lord is the minute we stop growing in him. I am so thankful for the long-suffering of my Savior and his ever sweet voice asking me to obey him. Are you walking in obedience today? Has the Lord put his finger on something in your life that you know he wants you to purge from your life? Do we really think we know more than God? What is the motive behind the Lord asking us to purge things from our life? It is to make us look more like him. Have you looked into the mirror of the Word of God lately? Who do you desire to look more like today? My prayer today is that we all would desire to look more like HIM each and everyday. Let me encourage you to step back into obedience. Whatever you are hanging onto is by far not near as good as the sweet fellowship of our loving father.