Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life and the changes that come.

September 08
Life and the changes that come
As I sit here and ponder the changes that have come into my life. I have to Praise the LORD for his goodness and his direction.
One thing for sure is that God never changes. Our lives may change, our families may change, our house may change but with perfect peace
in my heart God never changes. His promises are sure.
My life recently has taken on several changes, My two oldest boys have left for college, I am now left with 3 at home that my mind reflects upon
the still awesome responsiblity I have to train them. Time passes so quickly, I was just speaking to a young mother the other day and I felt a huge
responsibility to press the issue to take full advantage of every opportunity you have to train your children. As I look back and recall everytime
I heard an older mother say........."Time passes so quickly, train them while they are young, they will be gone before you know it." Continually thinking
I have time. My time is gone for two out of the five.
The other change:
We are moving to another state. Once again moving across the country, unsure of what the Lord is going to teach me. I am so willing and actually
very excited to see what the Lord has in store for us as a family. Our ministry in Kansas over the last four years have most certainly taught me many
things. One that sticks out very clearly in my mind is that the longer I am in the ministry the more I realize I don't have all the answers, but I do
know one that does.
Oh! How my heart realizes that I am just a sinner saved by His grace and that All we really need is to be pointing to
our Blessed Saviour. The Lord Jesus is who changes lives, not me, not my knowledge, not my personality, But Jesus Christ my Saviour can
help anyone that will wholly follow the Lord.
I can say with all my heart, I am loving what the Lord is doing in our lives right now, there are other changes but God knows what he is doing and
I am excited to be serving the Lord.
Change is a good thing, If you think about it, God really wants us to be constantly changing, Searching the scriptures to see if our life lines up
with His word and if it doesn't he wants us to repent and allow him to change us.
God is good all the time.

I am forever HIS,

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