Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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March 24
Resurrection Sunday.....Just one more soul. Praise the Lord.
God is so good to me. Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. We had so many visitors. The services were great, then the invitation came, I was praying that souls would be saved. I wanted to see someone walk the isle. Pastor Burke was not quick to get the services over, He knew we had activities planned for the children, but He also knew the Lord was working. So he patiently let the Lord work. Finally, a young lady walked the isle. He looked at me and motioned for me to come forward. I always get so excited to work with people that walk the isle, but I also get a great dread that comes over me. (I am not sure that dread is the correct word,) but it is a great responsibility to handle God's word. I know I will stand before my Saviour one day and answer for what I say. Tanya was this young ladies name, When i say young lady, she was 27, You know you are aging when you think of 27 as young. Tanya was broken. My heart went out to her. I asked why did you come forward? She said I have no peace. She has just lost her mom this past January. She was her best friend. She wanted peace, she was trusting in her baptism as a twelve year old child. I was able to open the Bible and show her how to know for sure she could be saved. (not through baptism) But through the Blood of Christ. She understood that she could not obtain salvation through her own righteousness, and gladly called out to the Lord with a broken heart and asked the Lord to save her. It is always my priviledge to lead someone to the Lord and I get a jolt of joy. But I always worry about a false profession. I don't ever want to give someone a false hope. But that is not my job to save them, it is my job to lead them to the Saviour, It is their job to except him in their own heart.I thank God for the opportunity to tell others about Him. He is Wonderful, He is a mighty God. It is an awesome thing to be a servant to Jesus Christ.I think of that song: If just one more soul, could walk down the isle, it would be worth every struggle it would be worth every mile. A lifetime of labor, is still worth it all , if it rescues just one more soul.
That is what it is all about......One more soul.Hope your Easter was as enjoyable as mine.TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE.

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