Friday, November 13, 2009

Visited Crown College in Tenn. Today.

We as a church family went to Crown College today. The facilities are beautiful.
They have designed a memorial hall there on campus and the information that is on display is too much to take in, in the short amount of time that we had today. I thank God for what is taking place there on that campus.
We were able to take a tour of the campus and sit in on a lecture, (my first) I did not attend college, but being there made me envious of the opportunity that has been given to these young people.
We had lunch and then we were able to sit in on their choir practice. I think I had ten thousand goose bump chiefs running up and down my legs while that choir sang. They have a very talented and disapplined choir.

We were able to hear Randy Thomas preach and another young man that was a graduate. Their messages were very challenging and encouraged those of us as a whole to follow God's will for our lives.

Here is a joke that one of the preachers told today.

This man owned a drug store and he needed to run somewhere real quick, He was hesitant about leaving the new sales clerk alone but chose to ignore his doubt in this young man.
While he was gone another man came in with a terrible cough and the young clerk did everything he could to help this man with this awful cough.
The Store clerk came back and said "How did things go?" The young man said things went wonderful, about that time the store clerk noticed a man in the corner all bent over. He said Is he alright? The young clerk said "Well, of course, he came in with a terrible cough and I cured him. Oh really what did you give him? he said I gave him a SUPER laxative, the Owner said Laxative doesn't cure a cough! he said it sure does, he is scared to death to cough!

****Any of you that know my husband, knows that this will be in his archive of jokes for future reference.

We are praying now for direction for the rest of the little ones in the nest.
You know they are not staying little and I know they will be spreading their wings soon, I think they have begun to flap them with anticipation, so we want to be sure when they take that flight that it is in the right direction.

Crown College is worth the visit.

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