Saturday, November 7, 2009


I received a phone call tonight that turned out to be a HUGE blessing.
My son Zac called and said that the young people that were in our churches in Kansas have pulled their money together to pay our way to Goodland, KS. where all of them will be gathering for Thanksgiving.
All of these 8 young people are still in school. 2 in high school and 6 in college.

The biggest reason for them doing this was not only to see us, but that we would be able to spend time with our boys for Thanksgiving.

We had talked about wanting to go there, but there is no way for us to come up with the money. O ME OF LITTLE FAITH! Which in reality I do not have anyway, but MY GOD DOES!

I just felt it was not important enough for God to give that when we have other pressing issues right now.
We have $7.00 to our name and all of Novembers bills due except Rent.
I feel like this was a big hug from the Lord because once again I had fallen into fretting over our situtation. He showed me that if he will give me the deep down desire of my heart (willing to do without) things over and above than he will take care of the necessities.

It is truly a miracle that God would supply the money for us to go but the biggest blessing is that these young people and God love us enough to do this for us. I love these youngens so much.

My hubby is going to spend some time praying about whether God wants us to go or not.
I have prayed and asked God to supply, these young people have been praying for God to supply (two of the girls are going to give Plasma this week to raise money to give us, one of which is my future DIL.)
I think it is an answer to prayer, but I know it is wise to always pray about everything.

PLEASE PRAY For God's perfect will, I am willing to follow whatever the Lord leads.
But I sure hope he leads us to Goodland.......*sigh* and fingers crossed. ;0)

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Justin Beam #21 said...

Ive been praying about it for like 2 weeks and me and Lord have talked about it a lot! He says you guys need to come see us! lol. it was funny though. right before savannah texted me that i was thinking maybe ill see if i can give some money to help them out. and then like 2 minutes later savannah was like you wanna help pay for the esteps to come to thanksgiving? i was like why on earth would i not? lol. the Lord has provided for you guys! just pray weather He wants you to take it or not! i love you guys!