Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good News!

We watch the mailbox every day hoping to get news about Mikes disability. We pray could today be the day Lord? Will you send it today Lord?
We have often raced to the mailbox.
I love to get mail and now my children love it too.


Mike got a notice from the lawyer, his hearing has been set! We are in the third and final stage of his disability.

We were hoping to get everything done before the end of the year but his hearing is sceduled for Feb 17th 2010.
We are just glad to know when it is. The not knowing is hard. Now we have a time. We can actually count down!!!!!!

I thank God that he has carried us this far and will not leave us now. I am excited to see how he will supply our needs. That will take us into 17 months I just thank God that most cases take atleast 2-5 years to even get where we are at.
God is so good to us. I just praise him for the good news today!

I am forever His,

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