Thursday, March 12, 2009

I must share my heart and I would love your thoughts

Over the last couple of months three out of five of my children have come to the realization that they have not really been saved. I have been following a friend’s blog and have been doing a lot of pondering about why children go wrong when they are of the age that they make their own choices. With these recent events in the lives of my children, it has raised more questions in my mind to what we are doing wrong as parents raising children in our Christian homes.

My son that is attending Bible college called me on Monday and I was able to help him come to the realization that he has been going about to establish his own righteousness. Romans 10:3
He has been taught to be a good boy, As we raise our children and we train our children we teach them how to become good little boys and good little girls to the spot that they begin to trust in all of their righteousness to merit them something in the eyes of God. I have seen my children struggle with doubt over the years; maybe it comes from my fear of them really not being saved, since I was 25 before I truly had it settled in my own life. I am not a parent that reassures their children they are ok because they made a profession at age 4.
I heard my present pastor preach many years ago and he said something I never forgot, "You cannot muddy up deep waters." I am so thankful that I have questioned my children over the years. I am so glad when I saw struggles in their lives I went straight for the salvation issue. I often tried to muddy up their waters, so that they were sure their waters were deep.
I have seen a true change in the lives of my children once they truly have it settled in their lives.
I believe there will be genuine fruit in the life of a child that is truly born again. I mean inward fruit, not just the conforming fruit that we as Christian parents are so good at teaching our children to have.
Maybe I have been wrong in casting doubt in their lives, but I would rather cast doubt and have them sure than to give them a false sense of assurance and they die without Christ thinking they are ok.
I know in my own experience the very thing that kept me lost for so long is that I really didn't think I was that bad of a person and that is exactly what my son said to me on Monday.
Until we see ourselves as Christ sees us.
Romans 3:23 For all have SINNED, and come short of the glory of God;

Romans 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have SINNED:

Satan whispers in our ear, you haven’t committed murder, or you haven't done anything terrible, you’re a good little boy or a good little girl. Then when they get to the age they are able to make their own choices, their true nature rears its ugly head. We as parents need to deal with their true nature, that inward man before they get to that age that they are able to make their own choices.
I am so thankful that it is not anything we can do to merit us anything in the eyes of God, but it is everything he has done for us. Even the very thought that If I just trust that I have done what God's word says.
Romans 10:13 For whosoever SHALL CALL upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

I cannot count how many times I have heard people say, I have done what God's word says and that is enough, is it? Are you trusting in what you have done? Established your own righteousness? It is about trusting God's word, but it is also coming to the end of yourself and not trusting in one thing you can do but fall into the hands of a merciful loving God.

It is nothing you deserve and you cannot pray enough, you cannot read your bible enough, you cannot go to church enough, you cannot dress right enough, you must believe with your heart that there is a true need for the repentance of the sin that seperates you from a Holy God.

I would love to have you post your salvation testimony.

The poll that I have taken shows that I am reaching all Born Again Christians, So if you are born again than you must have a testimony. I would also ask that you would give me some of your experience in raising your children and how you have dwelt with their salvation.

I would love some interaction on my blog. If anything just let me know you have been here. Thank you to those who have posted.
Love in Christ,



Deborah said...

Well...there's so much in that post, and I have so little time...I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your post. This topic of how do we raise our kids so that God is REAL in their lives...not just rules, or learning to be 'good' so needed....and one I still struggle with, having raised one family, and now raising a second...I hope you get some feedback...and I also hope to post something on the same topic soon...if I find enough free time!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, I am humbled at the opportunity the Lord has given me to raise children for him and for his Glory. I just want to do the best job I can for Him.