Thursday, February 19, 2009

100 more things about me.

1. I love my husband, He truly is my best friend, and we spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week together and we actually get along.

2. I have five children. Yes, that's right. Count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The Lord knew I needed 5 children; they have been good for me, when you have multiple children you have to learn to die to self because they require so much from you.

3. I taught school for 6 years and I now home school the three youngest of my children.
4. I feel very grateful for the privilege to be asked to teach. I do not understand why the Lord chose me to teach, but I am humbled at the opportunity.

5. When my children were little, I constantly found myself counting them. If one of them were not with me, I felt very uneasy. It felt strange not to make it to the number 5.

6. I am very grateful for the desire that God has put in my heart to serve him.

7. I am very grateful and amazed that God is doing the same thing in the heart of my children.

8. I love music.

9. I love to sing, but am not very good at it. (My children often say to me, "Mom, you are off key"

10. I prayed for 10 years that God would give me a piano, He did, and then when we left for the ministry in Kansas, I had to leave it behind......(maybe a little bitter :0( )

11. I prayed before some of my children were born that God would give them the talent to play the piano. He is able to do exceeding abundantly more than we can ask or think. Seth started playing the piano at 3 years old. Sarah can play by ear also.

12. I do enjoy playing the piano but I did not take advantage of the lessons as a child so it is a struggle for me.

13. Someone has music playing somewhere in the house most of the time.

14. We sing as a family, but have not really done it much until we moved here to Kentucky. All of my children sing very well and can harmonize another talent from the Lord.

15. Sarah picked up the guitar one day and said I am going to learn to play the guitar, and she did. To God be the glory.

16. I used to have a very hard time comprehending what I had read and still do at times and putting what I read into practice is very difficult for me. But I love to read now and I give God the glory for that because I used to ask him for the ability to comprehend what I have read.

17. I love to read books on prayer; I have a deep burning desire to see God answer prayers in my life and the lives of my husband and children.

18. I long to be back in the ministry one day soon.

19. I have a burden to see my family walk with the Lord. My biggest fear is that some of my extended family will die without Christ, thinking they are ok.

20. I can't believe I'm only on #20.

21. I have a great desire to loose weight but not enough to motivate me to do something about it.

22. Some of my children gave up pop (soda) years ago, then others of them have followed lately, they motivated me to do so also.

23. We are addicted to sweets and it makes me fearful because of diabetes in our family.

24. I feel horrible after indulging in sweets.

25. I need glasses. (That was random) lol.

26. I started turning away from the teachings of my Christian home at the age of 10.

27. I felt very insecure as a teenager.

28. I enjoyed being pregnant, I loved feeling that life moving and growing inside of me. That is another reason I had five.

29. When I first started teaching, I did not like children very much, but God put a love in my heart for them and I love to see the transformation from the beginning of the year to the end.

30. I'm definitely a teacher. I will try to teach anyone who will listen to me. It is a drive deep down inside of me.

31. I think God has an interesting sense of humor.

32. When I first got in church and I saw the need to teach my children character, I felt overwhelmed! I didn’t know how to teach character because of the lack of character in my own life.

33. I Absolutely LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!

34. It drives me crazy when something needs done and it is put off to the last minute!!!!!!!

35. I have an on-going conversation with myself in an effort to reprogram negative thoughts into positive, thankful ones. Constant battle.

36. I believe that God wants us to stand strong in his faith, especially in these last days; I desire to stand strong, if for nothing else, my children.

37. I'm so thankful that God gave me my family.

38. I enjoy my husbands cooking so much. I am so thankful he desires to have good food and knows that he gets it when he cooks.

39. I'm terrible at math.

40. But I love to organize our bills.

41. I loved when my babies were small. When they only wanted momma.

42. I did not desire to go to college.

43. I desired to get married and have babies.

44. I absolutely despise a critical spirit. I do not like when others feel it is their place to straighten out others families.

45. I have been guilty, but have been delivered. It is a miserable life to live. Pride is the author of this fault. Who am I to feel I need to straighten anyone out except for the family God has given me.

46. I spend too much time caring what others think.

47. I absolutely adore my children. Have I said that already?

48. My family is very close.

49. I always desired to have a sister.

50. My favorite song is Gods been good. Legacy Five.

51. My mom and dad took my kids whenever they possibly could when they were small.

52. I know my mom misses my boys as much as I do.

53. It always tickled me at the response I got when I was out with all of my children when they were small.

54. My baby girl started talking at an early age and still talks a lot today. (As I am filling this out she is at the table doing her school work and is talking non-stop)

55. I may have to take a break from this to deal with her continual talking.

56. I started praying for my children's spouses at an early age. I am excited to see how God is going to bring their mates into the lives of my children. I am pretty sure he has reveled one already.

57. If used to fret about my house so much when my children were small, I wish I would have played with them more instead of getting on them about the house so much. Some of them are gone now, but my house is still here, and it still gets messy.

58. My flesh hates to fast, but I believe it is a very essential part of a successful Christian walk.

59. If I could have one wish, I'd wish for a live-in cook. Oh, I have one, silly me.... My husband does most of the cooking.

60. I desire to lead souls to Christ.

61. I desire to disciple souls after I lead them to Christ. It is the teacher in me.

62. I love when my boys call home and discuss the trials and victories in their walk with the Lord.

63. I love to reach out to others and make them smile.

64. I have struggled much in my walk with the Lord from fear of what others think.

65. I love to watch Extreme makeover home edition. We do not have cable, so we have to wait each week until it is posted online, then we sit as a family and watch it.

66. Mike and I are big ball babies when it comes to that show.

67. I love to write

68. I'm willing to do research on topics that I'm unfamiliar with, and once I come to a conclusion about a given subject, it's almost impossible to change my mind.

69. I long to write a book one day, but I just do not know what to write about.

70. Before my husband was saved, I claimed 1 Peter 3: 1 1. Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

71. I didn’t always submit in the flesh, but I longed to in my Spirit and kept a constant check on confessing when I didn't.

72. I believe my husband is saved today because of that promise that I claimed.

73. My favorite Verse is Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;

74. I am so thankful for that verse; it has changed my whole prospective on life.

75. Mike and I will have been married for 24 years this year in May.

76. I have a silly personality.....I love to laugh and make others laugh.

77. Mike and I love to spend time with each other.

78. My dad's nickname for me was Bone. Not bones....but bone! I weighed 93 pounds when I got married.

79. If I know someone is upset with me, I will try to make it right even If I think they are wrong. It amazes me how hard it is for some people to see they are wrong about things.

80. My "me time" is spent blogging.

81. I love to sew, but cannot afford material right now.

82. I love to make curtains and decorate my home with things I have made whether it is with wood or with material.

83. Mike and I dated for 8 months before we got married.

84. I always desired 7 children, until number 5 came along, I knew in my heart we were done.

85. My mom prayed I would marry a preacher one day. She thought God didn’t hear her when Mike and I got married.

86. God saved Mike in November of 1994

87. God called him to preach April 1995 (God answered my mom's prayer)

88. I knew God was going to call him to preach before he called him. God was preparing my heart to be a preacher’s wife. (She pondered those things in her heart)

89. Our first house we owned was 800 square foot. (7 people, one bath, and a dog.)

90. I love my new church. I love that my Pastor stands and proclaims the Word of God!! He preaches hard on sin.

91. Our Pastor believes in allowing the church to testify. We also have liberty to Praise the Lord and sing Praises to our Father. It is an encouragement to hear what your church family is thankful for.

92. It blesses my heart to see my children stand with a broken heart and share something the Lord showed them from his Word this week.

93. I kill most houseplants very quickly after receiving them. Artificial plants are my thing.

94. Miraculously, I have had one plant for several years now.

95. I met my husband while walking the streets.......He loves to tell that story on me. I was taking a walk after church one night and he and his friends drove by with their light on and all I saw was mike and I screamed....WOO WHOO, with a very loud voice. They stopped and backed up and that was the beginning of our lives together.

96. When I was little, I was a compulsive liar, and a good one. I think that is why I love Titus 1:2 so much.

97. Until the Lord saved me, that didn’t really change until my adult life.

98. We do not have cable T.V.

99. We love to watch movies. I loved Fireproof. Mike and I cried through that one too.

100. My husband is my hero, I have watched him live with chronic back pain for many years, but he still desires to live for the Lord and do what is right by his family. It would be so easy to lie down and quit. I have watched him grow into a man of God that will proclaim the truth and be his own person, even when it goes against the grain of others. He is such a strong leader and I have seen his stand for the Lord directly affect the lives of others. He has been my strong tower and has helped me stand, when I did not think I could stand another day.

:D Thanks for taking the time to read it.


Seasons of a Helpmeet said...

You have a beautiful family. I'm a little envious at the comment that you are with your husband 24 7and love it. :) My hubby and I used to work together and be together 24 7 before we had kids, but now it's different.

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)