Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My poll

I have had my poll listed for over a month, everyone that has taken my poll has so far been a Christian, but today someone posted that they were searching. Oh Christians please pray that my page will have planted the seed that will grow and help this person come to know the Lord.
To that person that is searching, Please know I am praying that God will truly open your eyes to the Truths of His word. Ye must be born again.

I am honored and excited you have visited my blog,


Tracy said...

Your poll is a great tool for those seeking. Just stopped and lifted an immediate prayer on behalf of the seeker.

Thank you for your visit and for signing on to follow my blog. I'm honored to meet you. I read on your profile that you love the too! We've been privileged to have them in our church and I have several of their cds. Such talent! = )

Blessings to you,

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much Ms. Tracy
I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment.
I just noticed that I have had someone else take my poll and said they are searching too.
I pray the Lord continues to send others to my blog that are searching for HIM.
Bless the Lord and To God Be The Glory.