Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Praise! God's been good.

When God begins to move, it seems like he just pours it on.

My whole christian life all I have ever wanted is that my children serve the Lord.
I desire to see them have a real relationship with my Saviour. I was probably
your typical unsaved teenager that seem to feel a need to experience the things of this
world and I unfortunately live with the scars today which brings a greater burden and
desire to see my children to walk a different path than I chose to walk.
I have prayed that God would put within the hearts of my children the desire to
know him, to hear his voice and to respond when they are drawn. This past
Sunday night two of my daughters responded to that call. Sarah finally submitted
to the Lord and threw up the white flag. She has been doubting her salvation for
months now and realized her need to finally settle this matter in her life.
Jordan had also been broken last week about her sin and her need for a closer
walk with the Lord. Just Sat night we were discussing this issue and Sunday night
when her sister had the nerve to do right, it brought her to her knees also.
Both were birthed into the family God Feb 8th 2009.

Some more good news this week. Sarah has needed braces for quite some time, her jaw is
off set and it needs to be drawn to the right position. In Dec, we took her to the
orthodontist and he submitted her records for approval through the medical card, shortly
after she was denied. Sarah was broken hearted because she desired them terribly.
We discussed God knows best and that we need to trust the Lord with all things.
Today, I received a letter in the mail stating that the denile had been overturned and
she has been granted approval for treatment. This came out of the blue, we did not
know the dentist had appealed it and asked for reconsideration.
As I testified in church Sunday night. I was a child that turned away from the
tremendous opportunity that God gave me to serve him, and I live with
scars today from it, but God can take a broken vessel and let that vessel become
a vessel of honor for him. I may be scarred but I pray that the Lord will
allow me to raise up some vessels that he can use that can shine brighter
than I can ever shine for him. I can say today with all my heart.....God's been good.
(My new favorite song by Legacy Five)

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Sherri said...

How eternally wonderful! :)

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. They brightened my day. :) God gets all the glory. Without Him I would be nothing that I am.