Monday, January 26, 2009

Let me introduce you to someone.

This young lady is Sierra Joann McIlroy. She has become a significant part of our lives lately.
In 2005, Our family moved to Goodland, Kansas and My husband became her Pastor. We have watched Sierra mature into a very Godly lady and have taken pleasure in watching her walk grow in the Lord. She desires to live for the Lord and to be what he would have her to be.

In December, 08 a promise ring was placed on her finger, in hopes of becoming a certain young mans bride one day soon. We are thrilled to see what God has for her and Corey.
Sierra is an answer to our prayers. When our children were born, We began to pray for their mate, that God would help their parents to raise them in church and teach them to serve him, and that God would keep them from evil, and that God would make them a vessel that would complete our children and the ministry that God has for them.
Sierra was brought up in a family that is like two peas in a pod comparitively speaking. Their family is so much like ours, it amazes us that a family halfway across the United States can have so much in common. (only we know how much, lol)
Sierra brings us and our son much Joy.
I thank God for her testimony and her desire to serve the Lord and to be a willing vessel.
Please pray for them as they are seeking God's wisdom for their lives. This is a very dificult time for them as they are seperated by the miles from Goodland Ks, to Oklahoma City, Ok.
Corey is in his second year of Bible College and is working toward becoming a Youth Pastor as Sierra works and has recently earned her CNA license.
Please pray as they seek the perfect will of God for their lives.
Corey Estep and Sierra McIlroy Dec 08

Corey Estep and Sierra McIlroy Dec 08

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