Sunday, July 2, 2017

Taking that Step by Faith

Some of you may not know but Mike has gone to Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Ill and will be gone until December 2017, this program is a wonderful biblically sound program to help with overcoming addictions in your life. Mike has had so many surgeries that he has been on pain medicine for years (Physician prescribed) and it has become such a part of his life that it has had a profound effect on him and our whole family.   Last month some things transpired and brought Mike to a spot where he knew this was a decision he needed to make for all of us. 
I know not everyone would be willing to share this information with others if they had a loved one in this situation but Mike has been very forthwith in sharing his struggles with others since making this decision to go and gave me complete liberty to share this information here. 
Once Mike made the decision to go, God has proven over and over that it was his will for him to be in the mens home and has provided the money right at the time payments are due, or when he or I have had needs arise. 
Mike was able to call tonight but only because they are doing a fundraiser and he needs my help, otherwise his phone calls are limited to once a week for 10 mins.
On August 5th they will be doing a Car Wash to raise money for RU. The way the fundraiser works is they are asking people to pledge a certain amount of money per car they wash that day, so if you pledge a Penny and they wash 1000 cars (which is about what they average), that means you will donate $10.00. If Mike gets 100.00 mailed in, He will earn a $10.00 gift card to Walmart to help him pay for his needs while he is in the home. If he collects $1000.00 he will earn a $100.00 gift card to Walmart, which would be a huge help because I sent his first care package this week and it was very expensive to ship. 
The cost to enter the Men's home is not cheap by any means but if it were not for the donations the cost would be so much more.
If you feel this is something you are willing to help with, would you please contact me either in the comments below or you can PM me. If you would like to make a donation directly to the cause instead of making a pledge, you can call them directly and make a donation in Mike Estep's name or you can send it to my PayPal  and I will send it as a donation with your name on the donations. 
God has already began to use Mike in the home, with him being completely off of all medicine now he has his Pastors heart back and was weeping on the phone tonight as he told me of all the young men in the home that are not saved. He asked me to pray the Lord would allow him to have the opportunity to lead these souls to the Lord as God has already allowed him to bond with them in the short time he has been there.
My heart is rejoicing at what God is doing and I am thrilled to see what God will do in our lives over the next few months. 
Thank you for reading this far and please take a minute and watch the video I have posted and May God bless you as you listen to the Lord leading you in whatever direction he may lead you in this matter. I understand he will not lead everyone to help but if he leads you, I pray you will be sensitive and be willing to follow. 
Please feel free to share with your friends
Thank you so much in advance.
Mike is able to receive cards and or letters to the address below with attention Mike Estep but please no money or gift cards can be sent directly to him. 
The address to make donations on his behalf for the fundraiser would be:
Reformers Unanimous.
333 E State St
Unit 201
Rockford, IL 61104
United States


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